The Benefits of Water Labour/Birth

The Benefits of Water Labour/Birth

Water and Birthing…some things just mix beautifully, and this is one of them!
Many Moms-to-be are curious about labouring and birthing in water and whether it is really for them…
I birthed both my sons in water, but it wasn’t something I had even considered or thought I would even like until I was in labour with my first baby and my midwife suggested I get into my tub.
Immediately I was hooked…and I don’t even like taking baths…ever! Once I got to the hospital I was lucky enough to have a tub in my birthing room and I knew it was the only place I wanted to be. With my second pregnancy, I planned ahead and decided to plan a home birth almost solely for the purpose of knowing that it would guarantee me the water birth I wanted (in case I didn’t get so lucky at the hospital this time). 
So that was my experience, but is labouring and/or birthing in water for you?
The benefits of water as we all know are endless, as are they when it pertains to women in labour. Here are just some of the perks that it can offer:
– Buoyancy! The deeper you are submerged obviously the more buoyancy you will experience, but the truth is that even a regular sized bath tub can offer this sensation. Many women during labour experience quite a lot of pressure during and in between contractions, not to mention the weight of your fully blossomed belly at 40 weeks! The effect of your belly being submerged in water can feel literally as though a weight has been lifted and it can soften a bit of that labour pressure. At DEME we are excited to be able to help provide options to our clients for labouring and birthing in water with some added comfort, by having an inflatable birthing pool at our disposal. 
– Relaxation! This benefits everyone involved! When Mom gets into a warm tub, you can see her expression immediately change, and that causes the whole energy of the room to change too. When the birthing mother is smiling everyone is smiling 🙂 With relaxation comes happy hormones which means labour can often move along more efficiently. Mom’s energy is conserved and dilation can also progress quicker. Ahhhhh.
– Mobility! As Doulas we are on a mission to make you move and so imagine how much nicer movement can be for moms when they are already feeling buoyant and more relaxed! In an inflatable birthing tub, mobility is of course much easier than if you were in a small bathtub, but there are still excellent labouring positions that can be achieved in your regular bathtub. The birthing pools allow for a great deal of flexibility and movement and the sides are very strong, meaning that you and your partner can both lean on the sides for added support. A variety of labour positions with more comfort means a baby that can achieve the best possible position for birth!
– Pain Relief! Many doctors and midwives encourage birthing mothers who wish to deliver in water, to wait until labour is further along to get in because they know that once a mom gets in, it’s pretty hard to get her out! If you intend to birth your baby in water it is sometimes good to think of it as your ‘drug’ and to save it until you feel you really need it. Many women refer to it as an ‘aquadural’, the effects are so powerful! 
– Empowerment! The effects of water during labour can allow for a decrease in anxiety and make room for feelings of strength and control. Water can also allow you to feel less inhibited and therefore more focused on things like your breath which allow you to direct your own experience. 
* I want to note that the benefits of water during labour are not just for those planning a home birth! If you would like to labour as long as possible at home before heading to the hospital, a birthing pool can still be used in your home for this purpose. Speak to your midwife or doctor about the hospital you plan to birth at and arrange a tour to see what they have available to you while you labour. Ask specifically if there are baths or showers in the rooms and how many rooms have them.
This list is by no means exhaustive! You don’t have to look far to find all kinds of helpful information on this topic.
The Benefits of Water PROMOTION!!!
Right now when you book your Doula Services through DEME Pre and Postnatal Services, receive the use of our La Bassine Birthing Pool with a new protective liner (a value of $100) for FREE. 
Here is the link to view the birth pool and to read more about it’s benefits:
Please contact for more information!
Happy Birthing 🙂
Sarah Dexter – Birth Doula

Stay Healthy this Cold & Flu Season


Stay Healthy this Cold & Flu Season

Keyrsten & Katie’s Top 5 Tips

Guess what?  It’s that time of year again…cold and flu season.  Make sure to give your immune system some extra TLC to prevent getting sick.  With these simple steps, you’ll stay healthy in the winter months to come!
1.) Stay hydrated.  We all know we need to drink lots of water – about 2L per day for the average person and more if you feel like you are coming down with something or are under the weather.  You can jazz up your water with fresh herbs like mint or parsley, lemon and lime slices or frozen berries which add color, flavor and important antioxidants.  Coconut water is a great addition, too, providing lots of important electrolytes.  Don’t forget herbal teas, either, which are warming and comforting on cold winter days.
2.) Take probiotics.  It may sound strange that we recommend boosting intestinal health when we are talking about immunity, but new research shows that up to 75% of our immune system may be located in our intestines.  Who knew?  Probiotics can be taken in supplement form – look for a variety that needs to be refrigerated.  This means that the probiotics are “alive” which is ideal.  Some foods also contain probiotics – good quality yogurt and kefir (a fermented yogurt like drink), sauerkraut, miso and wheat grass are among the best sources. 
3.) Boost your antioxidant intake.  Eating more antioxidants can really be very easy – the more color, the more antioxidants.  Anything with a deep green (kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli), dark red or purple (beets, red cabbage, blueberries), yellow or orange (bell peppers, sweet potatoes, squash) color will contain a plethora of antioxidant vitamins.  These nutrients will help your body deal with foreign invaders (bacteria and viruses) that are prevalent during this time of year.
4.) Get your rest.  Whether you’re looking to prevent getting sick or are already feeling run down, make sure you’re getting in those Z’s.  When we are sleeping is when our bodies really get a chance to repair and replenish.  At least 7 hours per night is ideal.  Set an alarm and start to wind down 30 minutes before you want to be in bed.  Turn the television off and put the Ipad away.  We are all so busy these days and it can be hard to get to bed at a decent hour but we find planning makes all the difference.           
5.) Reduce stress.  Easier said than done, of course.  Just make sure you don’t stress about de-stressing…lol!  It doesn’t have to be a fulltime job.  Every little bit counts.  Even a weekly relaxing yoga class or warm evening tea can work wonders.  We also love this downloadable self-care planner that can help you schedule in your de-stressing moments even on the busiest of days.
Get a head-start on your New Year’s health goals.  Dr. Katie Leah and Keyrsten McEwan, RHN would like to offer DEME readers an exclusive offer.  Valid until December 31st, 2013 if you book an initial consultation with Dr. Katie Leah, receive a 45 minute nutrition consultation with Keyrsten at no cost (Value $119).  Note – this must be booked at Integrative Healing Arts; home visits do not apply.

Happy Mothers Day to all you new, expectant, and veteran Parents! xoxo DEME Pre and Postnatal Services

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mamas out there! What better way to thank you to mom, than a great night sleep, health, or support in you joining this wonderful world of motherhood. 

Mothers Day Opportunities:

Little Dreamers Sleep Consulting would like to offer 15% discount for mothers Day on any full, private consultations booked before May, 16, 2013.

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Holistic Nutrition Consult with Keyrsten Mcewan

Happy Mothers Day from Keyrsten! Please accept my gift of a 20% discount on a private nutrition consult. $80, (regularly $100.)

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We hope you all have an amazing weekend! you deserve it!

Take Care,

DEME Pre and Postnatal Services




A Great Way to Start the Week! Opening Thank You Emails, and photos of Families I’ve had the privilege to work with always makes my job even more incredible!

Having Dani as our birth Doula was an amazing and life changing experience. With our first child we ended in a c section after 32 hrs of labor. I had a hard time emotionally and physically with the recovery and I wanted to do anything I could to prevent a 2nd c section. I looked up many websites and most woman who were able to have a VBAC suggested a doula. We were so confused on what to do. We worried we would hire a doula and end in the same place on the operating table. I spoke with Dani and she gave me so many resources and explained so much. One thing I knew was that if I didnt hire her and had a c section I would always regret that I didnt try. We met her and immediately connected with her. Come labor day Dani made all the difference in the world to me. She came right over and walked me through everything. Being my 2nd child I assumed I wouldnt need her for the beginning part but I was so wrong. She kept me calm and kept my labor going when the contractions started to slow down. She knew exactly what to do. I ended up with a 26 hr labor from early labor to birth and Dani was there for 24 of those hrs.
I can say that I honestly do not believe I would have ended up having a natural birth without her. My contractions were fast and furious in the beginning but just like my first labor my body started shutting down, the hospital wanted to send me home which is exactly how my 1st birth went. I was devistated. Dani gave me the option and was supportive with whatever we decided. I did not want to be sent home again and so Dani ordered my husband to get some sleep and Dani had me doing squats and walking the halls for a couple of hours until my contractions were consistent again. We then squated some more and progressed my labor even further and before I knew it I was fully dilated and pushing out my baby girl. I would have never known what to do on my own and my husband and I had already felt like giving into the surgery because we were faced with the same scenario as our first and we were exhausted, but Dani did everything she could to turn this around and give us the ending we wanted so badly . We thank Dani from the bottom of our hearts. Not only did I escape another c section but I was able to hold my baby immediatly and connect with her. I also had an amazing recovery which was so important to me having 2 children to care for. Dani also was able to help me with breast feeding when I was home with the baby. She was just amazing and always offered her help even once our baby was born. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and say having a birth doula was the best experience for both my husband and myself. We both had the support of Dani while my husband was able to get some sleep and not have to worry about me and I was able to be calm and have the support of Dani while my husband rested for when I needed him most. We would definitely have her as our doula if we had a 3rd! 

DEME In The Mountains!

We at DEME are excited to announce the expansion of our services to include the Sea to Sky Corridor in 2013. Residents of Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, and North Vancouver are now able to access the full range of DEME’s professional pre and postnatal services! Our original areas of operation in Delta and Vancouver will remain accessable to all new and existing clients, and the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to thank those of you who have made our first year of business so rewarding. It has been wonderful to play a role in supporting so many incredible families during 2012, and we would like to congratulate all of you who welcomed new additions this year. 

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we enter this new chapter of DEME Pre and Postnatal. The Sea to Sky communities are thriving and full of families about to embark on the next stage of their lives! The happy, active, and health conscience people that are drawn to the mountain towns of the Sea to Sky corridor are well suited to DEME’s mission of providing educated, passionate professionals who are dedicated to meeting all of your needs in your journey from conception to delivery.
Alternative approaches to pregnancy and childbirth are a relatively new to the communities; midwives in Squamish have only been established since 2010, but were only allowed to deliver in Squamish hospital since 2011. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the Squamish community is astonishing and I look forward to adding more members to the DEME team in the near future. Check back often for updates.
Already our Sea to Sky team is chalk full of professionals that we are excited to introduce and welcome to our team. Joining us is Kimberly Daniels, mother and longtime Squamish resident. She is a devoted resource to the community, a Hypnobabies certified hypnodoula (first in Canada), and also hosts ‘This Isn’t What I Expected’, a weekly support group for mothers adjusting to motherhood. 
Another addition to the team is the talented photographer Rebecca Bundschuh from Rebecca Amber Photography. Mother to two beautiful children, Rebecca specializes in family and children’s photography; her eye and composition has earned her praise worldwide. She is a much sought-after photographer and we are thrilled to welcome her to DEME’s team. 
Exciting changes are afoot for DEME. We are so excited to meet 2013’s new additions, and look forward to offering our services to the Sea to Sky communities. Happy New Year!!

Sleep for the Holidays?

  • Are you struggling with your child’s sleep habits?
  • Will your child only fall asleep when nursing or bottle feeding?
  • Does your child need a soother or a pacifier to fall asleep?
  • Are you waking with your child once, twice or three times each night?
  • Does your child need to be rocked, bounced or taken for a car ride in order to nap?
  • Is your own lack of sleep starting to take a toll on you and your family?

If you are struggling with your baby’s sleep habits and would like a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan AND follow-up support as you implement it, joining me, Jill Parker | Little Dreamers Consulting at one of my workshops is the perfect answer!

For results in 10 days or less, you and your family will feel well-rested heading into the holiday season!!

These workshops are a great option for those not wanting the full, private consultation but still wanting the same results!

My next workshop will be on  Saturday, December 1st, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and is suitable for babies 3 months to 3.5 years old.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited!  To reserve your spot or for more information, please visit:

Let me help you take the stress out of sleep times in your home…. and in time for the holidays! 

Jill Parker | Little Dreamers Consulting
Certified Sleep Sense Consultant



Question of The Week, From Holistic Nutritionist Keyrtsen Mcewan

Hi Keyrsten ,

Q: I am curious about safe foods during pregnancy. I was wondering about using ‘Greens’ powders in my smoothies? 

A: Generally, I don’t recommend Greens powders during pregnancy as many of the formulations contain additional herbs that may not be safe during pregnancy. The detoxifying properties of these supplements can be too extreme during pregnancy and can sometimes cause more harm than good.

On the flip side, a recent study shows that taking chlorella during pregnancy reduced the dioxins (a type of chemical) in breast milk due to it’s strong detoxifying properties.

That being said, I do sometimes recommend spirulina or chlorella (sea vegetables that are often the main component of these Greens Powders), wheat grass or barley grass on their own in powder form. I recommend these supplements on a case by case basis, so please make sure to check with your health care provider to see if it is appropriate for you.

Thanks Keyrsten, Keep the questions coming!

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